by valeriy klamm
Siberia from the inside
with local photographer
Russia: different gaze
out of stereotypes
In the Russian language the word rodinka means both a birthmark, a small dark dot on the skin, and a small Motherland, that place on the map which ties living ones with a feeling of home. I titled my photo-blog about rurality - Rodinki na karte / Birthmarks on the Map. If it's gaze has a voice, it sounds like an old radio, nostalgic and liryc one.

In our world we all need to have a constant, nexus. To the lands, to the other humans. And what we used to call Motherland can be not just an exact territory where we entered the world

My attempts to "open up Siberia" visually to the wider world mean for me a kind of diplomacy within photography. It is a very personal gaze to the depth of Russia, country that now becomes scary for many. But this "Siberian soul's song" is about the common, about the understanding.

Valeriy Klamm, the Siberian
Children waiting for a Christmas show in the local House of Culture in the village of Begul.
What does Siberia mean – beyond clichés like the Trans-Siberian train, Lake Baikal, oil, cold, or vodka? Who are the inhabitants of vast rural Russia and what is their daily reality - thousands miles away from the capital?

Since 2009, as a founder and editor, I have run a photo blog titled "Birthmarks on the Map" and devoted to daily life in Russian provinces: simple stories of simple heroes in simple circumstances, the essential that lays between the lines and beyond the headlines, away from big cities.

In collaboration with ethnographers and anthropologists, local museums and explorers I gathered a unique visual archive of my own works. I published photo books, showcasing my photography in Russia and worldwide (photo festivals, contemporary art events, museums, universities).

I'm looking for professionals interested in engaging with me in worldwide cooperation: promoting and sales of my imagery, exhibiting and publishing it, and the co-production of the new visual content.
In English, 'Siberia' contains letters S, I, B – sib, kinship. That's how I accustomed to act while capturing: as a close one.

Personally, since early 2000-th I'm working on the theme of rural life. Initially - as a head of international photo expedition teams (Great Rivers and Roads of Northern Asia), later - as a sole photographer, film-maker and storyteller.

My works captured throughout the South-Western Siberia were published (LensCulture, Cultural Anthropology, NPR, OpenDemocracy, Russian Reporter, BirdInFlight etc), showcased in my region (see 3D virtual tour, **flash player required), in Moscow (Tretyakovskaya State Gallery / Intnl Biennale of Contemporary Art) and outside the Russia - in Australia, Sweden, Cambodia, Canada, China, UK.

My imagery turned into series of self-published photo books: The Siberians (2013) and print-on-demand ByTheWay (2016).

Opportunities for Collaboration:
Media: producing visual content in my region and throughout Russia. (Photographs, Photo based texts, Special projects, Multimedia/films).

Museums, Galleries, Curators: Exhibition and sales of existing works, developing and launching new projects

Private and Corporate Collectors, art-dealers and buyers: Limited edition prints.

I am also available for public talks worldwide, and for coordinating your own projects in Siberia.
My education and latest activities:

1983 – Bachelors in Architecture.
1999-2004 – "Culture" Program Coordinator of the Soros Foundation in Novosibirsk branch. In 2000 headed Siberian part of "East of Magnum" Project (Magnum Photos ' exhibitions and master-classes).
2002-2005 – Head of international photo-expeditions: Sayano-Altay, Yenissey River, East Kazakhstan.
Since 2009 – Founder and Editor of "Birthmarks on the Map" photo blog community.
Since 2011 – Member of The Russian Union of Art photographers, expert of The Russian Geographical Society .
2017-2018 – Jury member of the Fine Art Photography Awards.
Larger selection from my archive
Photos captured in my trips throughout the South Western Siberia in 2004-2017
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